Tips from Movers in Blue Springs on Packing Your Kitchen

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Tips from Movers in Blue Springs on Packing Your Kitchen — When moving day finally arrives, make sure you are 100% ready for your movers in Blue Springs. If you are fortunate enough to have lived in the same home for many years, you may not know how to pack all the odd-shaped items in your kitchen or how to ensure your dishes don’t break. Don’t worry! As an experienced moving company in Blue Springs, we want to help. Consider these seven tips for packing your kitchen.

Tip #1 – Get Rid of What You Don’t Need

This tip really applies to every room in your house, but it is especially important for your kitchen. Throw out all your plastic storage containers with missing lids––and the lids that don’t have the corresponding containers. Are your kids in college, but you still have all their dishes from when they were babies? Give those away! Do you have a collection of chipped coffee cups and mismatched glasses you never use? Consider throwing those out or giving them away.

Tip #2 – Sort Similar Items

It’s almost always best to ship similarly shaped items together. You might benefit from taking everything out of your cabinets and spreading them out around the room, then sorting them according to size, shape, and materials.

Tip #3 – Consider Purchasing Special Packing Materials

The only efficient way to pack glasses and ceramic cups is with proper dividers you can purchase at a store that sells packing materials. You may also consider brown paper, bubble wrap, and other materials specifically designed for shipping. It may sound like a waste of money, but broken dishes and wine glasses are more expensive to replace than the cost of proper packing materials.

Tip #4 – Choose the Right Size Boxes

Large, lightweight items should be packed in large boxes. Small, heavy items should be packed in smaller boxes. Don’t overload large boxes with heavy items. Overloaded boxes are much more likely to break.

Movers in Blue Springs

Tip #5 – Label Boxes Carefully

The commercial moving company in Blue Springs that comes to pick up your boxes will have no idea what is packed inside each one. Make moving day easier and label each box with the contents and the room where they belong.

Tip #6 – Pack Heavy Items on Bottom

The principles for packing for a move aren’t all that different than loading grocery bags. Put heavy items in the bottom of the box and light items on top.

Tip #7 – Put Small Appliances in Boxes

You probably don’t have the original boxes for your coffee maker, blender, and stand mixer, but they still need to go inside a box. Choose a strong box and consider reinforcing the sides. Anything can get broken, so don’t risk your nice appliances on a cheap box or expect them all to sit in the backseat of your car during a long move or a local move in Blue Springs.

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