Tips from Local Movers in Blue Springs on Packing and Moving Christmas Decorations

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Tips from Local Movers in Blue Springs on Packing and Moving Christmas Decorations

As one of the top local movers in Blue Springs, our team at Out and In Moving takes great pride in completing moves safely and efficiently. This is true for small moves in Kansas City or large-scale moves to somewhere far away. We take the utmost care of all your belongings to ensure nothing is damaged during the moving process.

Some specific items that should always be packed and handled with extreme caution are your Christmas or Holiday decorations. Many of these items are delicate and fragile, so they should be handled with the utmost care.

This article will provide some tips from local movers in Blue Springs on the best ways to pack and move your Holiday décor safely. Following these tips will help you stay organized and save time this Holiday season.

Christmas Lights

Untangling Christmas lights is one of the most frustrating parts of decorating your home. Once the Holiday season draws to a close, there are some simple ways to ensure that you don’t have a tangled mess on your hands next year.

Many Blue Springs moving companies suggest getting books or pieces of cardboard and wrap your lights around each. Or, if you prefer, you can use twist ties or zip ties to hold your light strands in place. If you have just a few small strands of lights, you can use plastic bags that zip shut to help keep your light strings nice and organized.

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Use Tree Storage Bags for Your Artificial Tree

Some people store their tree in the basement once the holiday season ends or bury it in the corner of a storage room. One thing movers in Blue Springs suggest is purchasing a tree bag. This can protect your artificial tree from moisture damage or excess dust that can build up until next Christmas.

There are some tree storage bags that can fit trees as large as 9 feet tall while also being extremely durable. Most tree bags are lightweight and tear-resistant to ensure that your tree stays protected until it’s time to decorate again next year.

Clearly Label All Boxes

It probably isn’t the best idea to label all your boxes as “Christmas decorations.” There are certain decorations that need to go in specific areas, so it is best to give a detailed description of what each box entails.

Local movers in Blue Springs suggest labeling your boxes with descriptions like tree ornaments, outdoor lights, indoor lights, stockings, fireplace décor, etc. This will help your decorating process become much more organized and streamlined.

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