Tips from Heavy Item Movers in Blue Springs on How to Avoid Injuries

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Tips from Heavy Item Movers in Blue Springs on How to Avoid Injuries

Hiring a professional moving company like Out and In Moving is always a wise choice for all your moving needs. This is especially true if you have multiple heavy items that need to be moved. Our team of heavy item movers in Blue Springs will use the proper lifting techniques and the right equipment to ensure your belongings are moved safely.

Most importantly, hiring a team of expert movers in Blue Springs can help eliminate injuries. Unfortunately, many inexperienced movers have sustained injuries on moving day due to improper lifting techniques or not having the right equipment. This article will discuss some of the more common injuries from moving and provide some tips on how to prevent them.

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Injuries to Hands, Fingers, or Toes

Numerous moving injuries occur when someone’s hand or foot is accidentally pinned under a heavy object. This can result in fingers and toes getting smashed or potentially broken. To avoid these potential injuries, Blue Springs moving companies recommend wearing shoes with closed toes (no sandals) on moving day. For an extra layer of protection, if you own a pair of steel-toed boots, local movers in Blue Springs recommend wearing them during your move.

To protect your hands and fingers, it is best to wear a durable pair of gloves on moving day. Gloves can protect your hands if they get pinned under an object and also prevent cuts or scrapes while moving.

Back Injuries

According to heavy item movers in Blues Springs, the most common causes of back injuries are improper lifting techniques and trying to carry something that is too heavy. When lifting any large item, it is always wise to use your legs as much as possible and not your back. Leg muscles are stronger and more flexible, so make sure to bend at the knees and not the back when lifting.

If you are not sure if you can handle a heavy item by yourself, don’t risk it. Ask a friend for help or use a dolly to help lighten the load if possible. For large, awkward-shaped items, like furniture or large appliances, you may need at least three people to complete the move.

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Another potential injury that is caused by lifting an item that is too heavy is a hernia. This injury is when the abdominal wall is weakened and might result in the intestine pushing through. It is always best to avoid lifting overly heavy objects, but if you must, movers in Blue Springs advise using a lifting belt. This will help take away some strain from the abdominal area.

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