Tips from Commercial Movers in Blue Springs on Preparing Your Office for a Moving Day

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Moving an entire office to a new location can be a rather daunting task. Where do you begin? There are so many moving pieces within many offices that it’s hard to know the best course of action. As one of the premier commercial movers in Blue Springs, Out and In Moving is here to help take away some of the burdens of an office move.

In this article, we will provide some advice from local movers in Blue Springs on how best to prepare for an office move. We hope that these tips will lead to a seamless transition from your old office to your new location.

Start Assembling a Moving Team

In an office environment, it is quite common to form committees for different projects that are taking place. Start several months ahead of time by forming a moving committee. Many times, companies know that their current lease is coming to an end, so they can start planning for a move well in advance. With a moving committee, you can start assigning duties and provide a timeline on when specific tasks need to be completed. Ideally, this should all take place 5-6 months before moving day.

Someone who is part of the moving committee should be responsible for selecting a commercial moving company in Blue Springs to help with the move. That person should work with the moving company to find a specific time and date to complete the move. If it is an extensive process, they may need to reserve multiple days to get the job finalized.

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Touch Base with Fellow Employees and Clients

It is always wise to communicate constantly with your fellow employees to make sure they are prepared for the move. The moving committee should check in with each employee regularly via email or personal conversations to make sure they’re all on the same page.

When you are about 3-4 months away from moving day, commercial movers in Blue Springs recommend informing your clients that your office is relocating. Make sure to provide them with your office’s new contact information and let them know the date that these changes will take effect.

Get Utilities Transferred Over

When you are approximately 1-2 months away from moving day, local movers in Blue Springs recommend reaching out to your utility companies. You can discuss what day you need your electricity, gas, internet, and phone services transferred over to your new location.

Confirm the Date and Time of Your Move with Your Moving Company in Blue Springs

When it gets to be within a week of your move, reach out to your moving company to confirm the day and time they will be on-site. It is always smart to constantly communicate with your commercial moving company in Blue Springs, especially for something as important as an office move.

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