The Challenges of Moving During Cold Weather, According to Movers in Blue Springs

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The Challenges of Moving During Cold Weather, According to Movers in Blue Springs

Fall is here in the Midwest, so that means chilly temperatures are on the way, if they’re not here already. Of course, if Fall is already here, that means Winter isn’t too far behind. That means freezing cold temperatures, ice, snow, and potentially treacherous conditions outside.

Imagine trying to move in these difficult conditions; it doesn’t sound like a whole lot of fun, does it? As one of the top groups of movers in Blue Springs, Out and In Moving knows all the challenges of moving during the Fall and Winter. Here are some of the items that you should be aware of while moving in frigid conditions.

Make Sure Walkways Are Clean, De-Iced, and Clear

Moving can be strenuous, even when you are doing it in ideal weather conditions. If you are moving during the late Fall or Winter, it adds another challenge. One item that Blue Springs moving companies consider extremely dangerous is slick spots. These can occur on stairs, walkways, sidewalks, parking lots, or streets.

It is always critical to maintain a good balance when lifting anything, especially something heavy. That can be extremely challenging when you are walking on snow or ice. Before carrying something heavy on a potentially slick surface, make sure the area has the snow removed, is de-iced, and is safe to walk on. These precautions are all a “must,” according to heavy item movers in Blue Springs.

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Have Plenty of Warm Layers Available

You never want to be freezing while working outside, so during cold weather, local movers in Blue Springs recommend wearing several layers to start the day. As you begin to pack, load boxes, and move furniture, you will start warming up due to the excess body heat you are generating. You may feel the need to peel off one or two layers as the moving process progresses. If so, do as you see fit.

Cover All Flooring at Your Current and New Houses

While moving, it can be easy to track in mud, snow, or water from the outside. That is why movers in Blue Springs highly recommend covering your flooring. Whether it’s carpet, hardwood, or tile, the floor can become stained and slick if outdoor elements make their way inside.

Make Sure Utilities Are on at Your New Residence

Can you imagine pulling into your new home and walking thru the door to a home that has no heat or electricity? It could easily happen if you don’t get your utilities turned on ahead of time. Blue Springs moving companies recommend checking in with your utility companies a few days before your move to ensure that all of these items are up and running at your new home.

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