The 5 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid When Moving into a New Home

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As movers in Blue Springs, we help individuals, businesses, and families move every day. Some moves are easier than others, but that mostly depends on how prepared the client was for their move. If you want to make sure your next move goes smoothly, we suggest you avoid the following mistakes.


#1 – Don’t Move Things You Don’t Use Anymore

Before making any move, take an inventory of what you have in your home and consider its value. Do you still use everything? Is there something you should give away, donate, or sell? If so, take care of it before you move instead of after. If you have lived in the same house for many years, this process could take several days or weeks, but you’ll be glad you did it.


#2 – Don’t Wait to Pack

Packing takes time. Don’t think you can do it all in a day. Make a schedule and try to pack one room a day. If your house has five rooms, plan for five days of packing. If your house has eight rooms, plan for eight days of packing.


#3 – Don’t Try to Do it Alone

Boxes, furniture, and appliances are heavy. Even if you can move something heavy alone, consider that moving one heavy item is very different from moving twenty heavy items. Get help from a group of friends or, preferably, one of the best Blue Springs moving companies near you.

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#4 – Don’t Waste Time (Looking for boxes, etc.)

Don’t waste time hunting down used boxes unless you enjoy driving around. New boxes of uniform size are relatively inexpensive and easier to pack on the moving truck. If you need to move quickly, professional Blue Springs moving companies can typically load and unload a moving truck faster and more efficiently than you and your friends can.


#5 – Don’t Wait Until Last Minute

Sometimes, moving out of your home very quickly and on short notice is necessary. For any other case, give yourself a few days between moving out and the date you have to turn the keys over to the next owner or renter. If you try to move out of your home the same day you turn in your keys, you are only adding to the stress of moving and risking the loss of your security deposit.


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