Our 5 Best Moving Tips

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No matter how many times you move, there is always something new to learn. Every home is a little different, and the contents of every home are different. As a moving company in Blue Springs, we help individuals, families, and businesses move every day. Over the years, we have learned countless lessons, and we want to share some of those with you. Check out our 5 best moving tips!

Lesson #1 – Make a Moving Plan

A moving company in Blue Springs knows that most moves consist of at least five rooms, three closets, and a storage space. There are always large appliances, heavy furniture, and fragile items within those spaces. Emptying a home, loading a truck, unloading a truck, and filling a new home is often complex. Create a basic inventory, and then sit down for 5-10 minutes to plan how you want to move everything and load the truck. A simple plan can often save you 1-2 hours of rearranging furniture on the front lawn or inside your new home.

Lesson #2 – Keep an Inventory

In most cases, a detailed inventory isn’t necessary, but a basic inventory of furniture items and boxes can help ensure you don’t leave anything behind. This is particularly helpful if you use multiple vehicles in your move.

Lesson #3 – Prioritize Your Health and Safety

Professional movers in Blue Springs hire crews that have the physical strength and stamina to move heavy furniture and boxes all day, every day. If you aren’t in shape to move furniture all day long, hire a moving company. Moving crews are also trained to identify heavy items and use special equipment to move them. You can hurt your back or joints trying to push yourself too hard.

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Lesson #4 – Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Moving takes time, and you may be on a tight schedule, but don’t run with boxes or fail to think through loading and unloading the truck carefully. Work hard––but don’t set unrealistic expectations for yourself or your commercial moving company in Blue Springs.

 Lesson #5 – Have a Contingency Plan

Movers in Blue Springs want to know if you are prepared for rain or heavier traffic than expected? What will you do if your new landlord doesn’t arrive on time with the keys? It isn’t uncommon for something to go wrong while moving. Be prepared as best you can, but don’t freak out if you have a problem.


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If your business has decided to upsize, downsize, or relocate, we can help you with the entire process. We can even work with you to manage a detailed inventory of everything you decide to move.

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