5 Tips for Moving with Your Dog

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Moving day is a big event for everyone in the family––including all the four-legged members. As experienced residential and commercial movers in Blue Springs, we know exactly how important it is to care for your pets during a move. Blue Springs moving companies can move your furniture, appliances, and boxes, but it is up to you to ensure your dogs arrive safely.

#1 – Pack a Bag for Your Dog

When making a long-distance move, it is important that all the people in your house carry an overnight bag with them in case of unexpected delays. However, if you have dogs, you should also pack a bag (or box) for them. Ensure you have food, water, dishes to eat and drink from, medications, treats, favorite toys, a leash, and anything else you think might be helpful along the way.

#2 – Prep Your Dog’s Seat in the Car

Prepare your dog’s place in the car carefully. Consider where they will sit, what seat covers you will use (if any), and what restraint device you will use. An overly-excited and unrestrained pet can become a potentially dangerous distraction to the driver.

#3 – Talk to Your Vet

Remember that your dog may stress over moving just like you. If your dog has health problems or anxiety issues, talk to your veterinarian for care recommendations while moving.

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Pet owners benefit greatly from hiring a moving company in Blue Springs. Let our moving company take care of your stuff so that you can take care of your pets.

#4 – Plan for Stops

Traveling with dogs is often similar to traveling with children. Your dog will need regular bathroom breaks and time to run around and stretch its legs. Plan for these stops ahead of time to ensure that you can find a safe place to let them run and relieve themselves.

#5 – Prepare Water, Food, and Dishes

Don’t forget the dog food! On long-distance trips, your animals should consume less food and water than they do on an average day, but they still need food and water. Plan ahead, and don’t try any new foods while traveling, as it may upset your dog’s digestive system.

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