Moving Secrets from Professional Movers

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Relocating your business or moving into a new home is a big job. At Out and In Moving, we are a professional, residential and commercial moving company in Blue Springs. We help people move every day, so we know just how involved a big move can be. If you are preparing for a move, here are some important lessons we have learned.

Proper Moving Preparation Makes Unloading and Unpacking Ten Times Easier

Amateur movers in Blue Springs or individuals who decide to move themselves often do minimal prep or skip moving preparation altogether. Throwing items into boxes at random does help you get out of your first location faster, but if you have to unpack ten boxes to find a screwdriver or the key to the new house, you are making the move more complicated than it needs to be. Buy plenty of boxes, packing tape, and permanent markers to label your boxes.

Proper Loading Requires a Plan

When our crews start loading a truck, their first job is to take inventory of everything they will load on the truck. We might have to unload the truck halfway through and repack it if we don’t do this right. We don’t want to waste our time or our client’s time––so we always make a careful plan. You will find that this is one of the most distinguishing factors between professional Blue Springs moving companies and amateur movers.

It Pays to Be in Good Physical Shape

At Out and In Moving, we have professional moving crews who do moves for homes and businesses every day. It’s heavy work, and not just anyone can do it without injuring themselves. This is one of the reasons moving companies in Blue Springs exist. Moving work may not be for you if you aren’t in great physical shape and accustomed to carrying heavy items.

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There is a Proper Way to Carry Heavy Items

Actually––there are many ways to carry heavy items. Refrigerators are generally carried one way, couches another, large mattress another, photocopiers another, etc. One of the most important parts of carrying a heavy item is to get help. Movers in Blue Springs will all you tell the same––teamwork is non-negotiable.

Wrap Your Furniture in Plastic or Moving Blankets (Or Both!)

It is surprising how many amateurs skip this step. The inside of a moving truck is not soft. Neither is a furniture dolly, your lawnmower, washing machine, or toolbox. Cover any nice furniture with something to keep it from getting scratched.

The Best Local and Long Distance Moving Company in Blue Springs

If you plan on moving yourself––we wish you luck! If you decide you need some help, Out and In Moving can handle any move you need to make. We are long distance and local movers in Blue Springs, so we can move you down the street, across town, or across the country.

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If you are planning a residential or commercial move and could use some extra help with the planning and heavy lifting, contact Out & In Moving today. We are widely considered one of the best Blue Springs moving companies because of our fast, quality work and attention to detail.

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