Mistakes to Avoid When Moving Locally

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Moving is a big project, no matter how far you are going. Usually, the most significant difference between a local move and a long-distance move is how much time your belongings spend on the moving truck. Otherwise, your belongings still need to be carefully packed in the first location, loaded on a truck, transported to the new location, and unpacked. A moving company in Blue Springs can make your relocation much easier, but you can still make several mistakes that can complicate the moving process (even if you have the best mover).

Don’t Procrastinate

It can be tempting to take a local move less seriously than a long-distance move. Nonetheless, when moving day comes, you need to be ready. If you aren’t packed when the movers arrive, or the day you scheduled truck rental––you have a serious problem.

Don’t Forget to Check Your Belongings for Damage

You may be anxious to enjoy your new house after the moving company has brought all your furniture and other belongings inside. However, don’t let the moving company in Blue Springs leave too soon. Go ahead and unwrap your furniture and inspect for potential damage. Once you sign the paperwork affirming that all your furniture was received in your new home without a problem, you will have little recourse if you find damage later that day or week.

Don’t Hire the Wrong Mover

There are many local movers in Blue Springs that can help you move. Not all of them are the same. Ask around for recommendations and read the fine print on the contract. Hiring the wrong mover can cause big problems. Unprofessional movers can potentially cancel on you at the last minute, damage furniture, damage your old home or your new home, etc.

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Don’t Forget to Make a Moving Plan

No matter how far you are moving, you need a plan. Make sure you include in your plan: when you will finish packing, what time the movers will arrive, when you will clean, when you will get the keys for your new home, when you will turn the keys in for your old home, when the electricity, water, and gas will be connected (and disconnected from your old home), what to do with pets and children during the move, what/when you will eat, and anything else particular to your situation.

Don’t Try to Do it All on Your Own

Moving homes is a big job. Don’t attempt to move without carefully considering how much work it requires. You may want to recruit friends and family for help––but you should also consider hiring a professional moving company.

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