How to Prevent Damaging Walls and Floors During Your Move

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No one wants to move into a new home with damaged walls or floors. Unfortunately, it’s relatively easy to damage walls or flooring with a heavy piece of furniture. At Out and In Moving, we help people move every day, so we can help you move without making costly mistakes.

Use Moving Blankets

Moving blankets are obviously essential to keep your items safe in the moving truck but resist the urge to drop the blankets outside your new house. Professional Blue Springs moving companies put blankets on hard or fragile items before leaving your old house and don’t remove them until inside your new house. Moving blankets not only protect your furniture––they protect your walls.

Cover the Floor

Many types of flooring are easily damaged, especially hardwood, laminate, vinyl, and nice carpeting. One excellent way of ensuring your floor isn’t damaged is by covering your floor in plywood, cardboard, old rugs, or moving blankets. Heavy items movers in Blue Springs do this all the time, but it works for regular moves as well.

Don’t Drag Anything

It is tempting to drag furniture over your floor for a short distance––but it doesn’t take much to damage your floor. Use a rubber-wheel dolly and furniture sliders instead. Also, if your furniture feels too heavy to move, you may need more help. Don’t damage your flooring or walls because you didn’t want to hire local movers in Blue Springs. Most movers are less expensive than hiring a contractor to fix your floor.

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Measure Furniture and Doorways Carefully

Perhaps the most common way that furniture and walls are damaged is by trying to move a piece of furniture through a door or hallway where it just doesn’t fit. If something doesn’t fit, you should know that before you get it stuck somewhere it doesn’t belong. Some irregularly shaped items (like sofas and tables) can be walked around a corner or through a doorway on their side––but that’s not always the case. So, measure everything carefully or pay the price.

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