How to Prepare Your New Home for the Moving Truck

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When most people think of moving into a new home, they focus on packing and getting out of their old home. With the excitement of moving, it is sometimes easy to forget about preparing your new home for the arrival of your furniture and other belongings. If you want to make sure your move goes as smoothly as possible, consider the following suggestions before the moving company in Blue Springs arrives.


#1 – Clean!

Even new homes are often dirty when it comes time to move in. Older homes are even more likely to be dirty. You will have to clean again after moving, but it is still best to clean before the truck arrives. Once furniture is moved inside, it will be more difficult to clean underneath or behind anything heavy.


#2 – Cover Delicate Flooring

If your new home has new carpet, hardwood floors, or any other flooring you want to ensure isn’t damaged while moving, cover it up! Many movers will do this for you, so speak to your moving company in Blue Springs before spending time and energy doing it yourself. Cardboard, plywood, or even moving blankets are often used for this purpose.


#3 – Measure Twice, Move Once

Carefully measure your home’s doorways and your larger pieces of furniture. You should know that a piece will be challenging to move through a doorway before trying to move it. The most common way furniture, doors, and doorways are damaged is by attempting to move furniture through a doorway where it doesn’t fit.

Moving Company in Blue Springs

#4 – Identify Rooms and Boxes

If you want to make sure you can find important personal items like clothing, dishes, etc., after a move, make sure your boxes are adequately labeled. You may also want to label the door of a room, like “Bedroom #1” and “Downstairs Bathroom,” so your local movers in Blue Springs can quickly identify where boxes belong. Just make sure that your box labels and room identifiers are the same.


#5 – Communicate with Your Moving Company

The best moving companies are there to serve you and help you move things in the best way possible. If you are concerned about certain fragile items, fine flooring, new paint, etc., talk to your movers about it. They can’t read your mind, but they do want you to be happy.


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