How to Pack Your Houseplants

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Most families have at least one houseplant in their home. Some have many potted plants. If you have spent years caring for your plants, the last thing you want to happen is for them to be damaged while moving to your new home. Many different Blue Springs moving companies are available to help you move, but you might want to pack your own houseplants if they are particularly important to you.

Consider Trimming

Certain houseplants, especially hanging plants, extend far beyond the boundaries of the pot where they grow. Depending on the plant, you may consider trimming a little. If your plant is much bigger than its pot, it is more likely to be damaged in transit. Trimming a little is often good for your plant anyway. Blue Springs moving companies aren’t horticulturalists, so it’s best for you to trim your plants personally.

Wrap the Pot in a Plastic Bag

One major problem with moving potted plants is their tendency to spill potting soil when moved. If you want to avoid unnecessary soil loss and making a mess in the back of your car, put the pot inside a plastic bag. We suggest carefully placing the plant and pot inside a plastic bag and tying the bag loosely above the pot’s rim. Don’t tie too tight, or you might break the plant.

Place the Plant in a Box

After placing the pot and plant inside a plastic bag, place both inside a cardboard box. Carefully lift foliage or flowers above the rim of the pot when packing to avoid crushing them between the side of the pot and the box. Larger plants should go into individual boxes, but smaller plants of similar size can share boxes. If it fits, close the lid of the box carefully. Leave the lid open if you can’t close the box without crushing the plant.

Pack the Plant in the Vehicle

If you only have a few plants, consider transporting them inside your vehicle instead of inside the moving van. Movers in Blue Springs should do a good job packing your plants in the moving truck, but you may want to keep them close to you just in case.


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