How to Pack Your Electronics for Your Big Move

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When packing for a big move, certain items are more difficult to pack than others. Some of the most difficult items to pack are home electronics. Televisions, hi-fi systems, computers, surround sound, printers, etc., are not only expensive to replace, but they are often shaped irregularly and fragile. As movers in Blue Springs, we help clients pack the contents of their homes every day. Here are a few suggestions to help your move go smoothly.

Save the Original Packaging

Whenever possible and practical, save the original packaging for your electronics. The manufacturer’s original packaging was custom designed to protect your electronics from damage while in transit. If you have an empty attic, keep the original box and other packaging out of sight and ready to be reused when it’s time to move.

Use the Right Box

If you invested hundreds or thousands of dollars on your television, don’t risk damage only to save a little money on the right packing supplies. There are boxes available specifically designed to package flat-screen televisions. So, if you didn’t save your television’s original packaging––buy a new box.

Most professional Blue Springs moving companies suggest packing flat-screen televisions in an upright position. Laying them on their back (or front) will put them at a greater risk for damage while in transit.


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Make Your Own Custom Packaging

Some printers and audio systems are shaped irregularly and are more challenging to pack. If this is the case for something you own, spend a little extra time to pack it correctly. Start with a box a little larger than whatever you are packing. Next, use bubble wrap, Styrofoam, or folded cardboard to ensure your electronics won’t move inside the box. This takes a little extra time and money––but it is worth it.

Locate it Properly on the Truck

As you begin packing the moving truck, keep fragile items in a position where they won’t move around or get crushed by another item in the truck. Make sure to label boxes with fragile items carefully. This will help ensure they aren’t packed wrong.

Hire a Professional

If you have invested a significant amount of money in your electronics, consider hiring a professional to pack and move them. Professional movers in Blue Springs will bring all the packing materials needed and carefully box up your electronics.


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