Best Local Movers in Blue Springs: 7 Items NOT to Move

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When moving day arrives, the best long-distance or local movers in Blue Springs will do everything they can to make your relocation as easy as possible. They will establish a strategy, create an inventory, and load the truck one piece at a time. Nonetheless, there are a few items you should avoid loading in the truck and carry yourself.

#1 – Anything Hazardous or Combustible

Many movers in Blue Springs have policies against transporting flammable items like gasoline, diesel, turpentine, alcohol, etc. Even if your moving company in Blue Springs doesn’t prohibit flammable or hazardous chemicals, it isn’t a good idea. If the container leaks, spills, or is damaged while in transit, it can create severe health hazards and fire risks.

#2 – Perishable Food

In most instances, it is easier to give away perishables to your neighbors or friends and avoid the hassle of transporting food in an ice chest. However, if you choose to transport food in an ice chest or otherwise, keep it in a personal vehicle where you have immediate access.

#3 – Keys to Your New Place

Keep the keys to your new house in your pocket or in a bag inside the vehicle where you will be traveling. Don’t make the mistake of leaving them in a box deep inside the moving truck.

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#4 – Cleaning Supplies

Bleach, ammonia, and other chemicals used for cleaning can be toxic when spilled or cause damage to the other items in the moving truck. You may also decide that you want to do a little cleaning before moving all of your things inside your new house. We suggest you either buy new cleaning supplies at your destination or carry a few items with you in your vehicle.

#5 – A Change of Clothes

Traffic, severe weather, and other unexpected events can cause significant delays, especially if you are moving a long distance. Keep a toothbrush and a change of clothes with you in your vehicle in case of an unforeseen delay that prevents you from unloading the truck when you plan.

#6 – Important Personal and Financial Documents

Everyone has a few personal and financial documents they can’t risk losing. Despite the best efforts of moving companies, boxes do occasionally get lost. Keep passports, birth certificates, wills, and other sensitive documents with you.

#7 – Medications

In the excitement of moving, it is easy to misplace important personal items like medication. Plan ahead for where you will keep your medication during the move and ensure that it doesn’t end up in an unidentified box on the moving truck. The physical strain and emotional stress of moving may provoke a situation where your medication becomes more critical than it would be on an average day.

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Out & In Moving – Local Movers in Blue Springs

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