Advice from Blue Springs Moving Companies on Preparing for a Long Distance Move

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Moving can be a difficult process, even if you’re just moving to a different part of your current community. Can you imagine moving a few states away? Or how about clear across the country? That can be pretty overwhelming for just about anyone.

For an extensive move, you will find that it’s a wise choice to hire a long distance moving company in Blue Springs like Out and In Moving. Our team of experienced movers will help take away some of the stress that comes with moving day. We know that long distance moves can be a significant challenge, so here are some ways that our movers in Blue Springs can help you plan your big move.

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Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

Once you know where your new home will be, it’s time to start getting organized. Start making to-do lists and create a timeline showing what needs to get done and the deadline for each task. You’ll want to figure out driving/riding arrangements, food, shelter, and clothing while you are traveling to your new location. According to Blue Springs moving companies, these are the things that are commonly neglected when planning a long distance move.

Call a Professional Long Distance Moving Company in Blue Springs

Make sure you have your appointment set up with our team at Out and In Moving to ensure that you are ready to hit the road on time. Our team provides customized moving services to fit the needs of each client. We will provide a moving crew of typically two to four movers, depending on the size of the job. Our movers in Blue Springs are highly trained and will work efficiently to ensure that all the necessary deadlines are met.

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Declutter and Donate

During the process of moving, you will undoubtedly come across many items that you no longer need. An easy way to reduce the number of things you are taking with you is to throw out any old items or donate any unused items that are still in good condition. This will allow for extra room to pack more important things that you plan on taking with you. If you have large items to get rid of, our team of heavy item movers in Blue Springs can assist in getting them where they need to go.

Get Utilities Cancelled and Activated

Do not forget about your utilities when you are preparing for your move. That goes for both your current home and your new home. Make sure you call or set up your utilities to be canceled starting the day after your move. If you fail to do this, the new residents at that home may pile up some hefty charges that you will be responsible for.

Also, your moving company in Blue Springs might remind you to make sure your new home is set up with electricity, gas, internet, etc., once you arrive. The last thing you want is to finally get to your home, but you can’t get settled because there are no functioning appliances, lights, air conditioning, or heat.

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With over 20 years of combined moving experience on our staff, Out and In Moving is ready to assist with your next move. Give our team a call today at (816) 598-0848 and see how our moving professionals can help with all your moving needs.