Additional Moving Costs in Blue Springs that Are Often Forgotten

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As a premier local and long distance moving company in Blue Springs, Out & In Moving knows that proper budgeting is a key part of any move. If you are hiring a professional moving crew to assist with your move, you want to meet with them ahead of time to get an estimate of how much your move will cost.

You also need to purchase all the necessary supplies to ensure your move goes smoothly. Common packing and moving supplies include boxes, tape, labels, bubble wrap, work gloves, and the list goes on.

These are all moving expenses that most people are aware of; however, there are several other items that many people forget about. Here are some expenses that movers in Blue Springs recommend you budget into your moving expenses.

First Time Homebuyer Fees

Closing costs can be quite a shock to homebuyers, especially first-time homebuyers. It’s estimated that closing costs can range anywhere from 2% to 5% of the entire loan amount. Blue Springs moving companies recommend that you be fully prepared to make a large payment on the day you close on your home.

Long Distance Moving Company in Blue Springs

Start-Up Fees for Rental Properties

If you have decided that owning a home isn’t for you, then renting is always an option. However, local movers in Blue Springs suggest that you ask your landlord about any potential fees you might incur for being a new resident at the property. Application fees are also standard for most rental properties.

Most apartments and rental homes require some sort of security deposit before you move in. A typical security deposit is around the same price as one month’s rent. If you have pets, expect to pay a deposit for them as well. Pet deposits can vary significantly depending on the type of pet and what type of rental property you’re living at.

Canceling and Setting Up Utilities and Services

With our years of experience as a local and long distance moving company in Blue Springs, our team of movers knows that people can get frustrated with the process of canceling and setting up their utilities and services. Sometimes internet and cable providers can charge you a cancellation fee if you end your services before the contract expires. If you are happy with your service, typically the best option is to transfer those services to your new home.

If you forget to cancel or transfer your electricity, gas, or trash pick-up, those companies will still continue to bill you for those services. Movers in Blue Springs suggest that you make sure you reach out to all your utility companies several days before your move. This will ensure that your service ends on time at your current home and starts immediately at your new residence.

Long Distance Moving Company in Blue Springs

If you have a move coming up and could use a little help, Out & In Moving is here for you. We are considered by many as one of the top residential and commercial movers in Blue Springs. We provide the highest quality service and attention to detail during our moves. Our professional movers will make sure your belongings arrive safely at their new home.

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