5 Reasons to Hire a Moving Company in Blue Springs

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5 Reasons to Hire a Moving Company in Blue Springs — Moving to a new home or a new city is stressful enough without also having to load and unload a moving truck. Movers in Blue Springs can make your life easier and your belongings more secure the next time you move. Here are five reasons why you should hire a moving company in Blue Springs:

Reason #1 – You Might Hurt Yourself

Do you know how much your queen-sized or king-sized bed weighs? What about your refrigerator or washing machine? A king-sized bed weighs around 150-180 pounds. The average washing machine weighs 170 pounds. The average refrigerator weighs 250 pounds. You will need at least two people to move any of these; even then, you still risk hurting yourself. Here are some helpful moving techniques that can help keep everyone safe.

Reason #2 – You Might Damage Your Furniture

When removing your furniture from your current home or installing it in your new home, you will have to carry it and navigate around corners, hallways, and stairs at the same time. Even a small mistake can scratch your furniture, damage walls, or create other problems.

Reason #3 – A Moving Company Can Help You Organize Your Move

A residential or commercial moving company in Blue Springs will not only carry your boxes and furniture for you, but they will also take a basic inventory of everything that gets moved and place it in the room you specify.

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Reason #4 – Give Your Friends a Break

Most people have friends or family they can call when they need help. Nonetheless, if you have people who care about you that much, don’t take advantage of them. Pay a professional moving company to help you, and then have your friends over to celebrate your new place.

Reason #5 – It is Surprisingly Affordable

Many people assume that moving themselves is much more affordable than hiring movers. The truth is that the cost isn’t much different after you rent a truck, buy a furniture dolly, and damage a few pieces of furniture. Call a moving company in Blue Springs for exact pricing and schedules.

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Are you looking for heavy item movers in Blue Springs? Or a long distance moving company in Blue Springs? Out and In Moving has you covered. We are licensed and insured for local and long-distance moves, both residential and commercial.

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If your business has decided to upsize, downsize, or relocate, we can help you with the entire process. We can even work with you to manage a detailed inventory of everything you decide to move.

If you are planning a residential or commercial move and could use some extra help with the heavy lifting, contact Out & In Moving today. We are considered one of the best long-distance and local movers in Blue Springs because of our fast, quality work and attention to detail.

Give us a call at (816) 521-9669, or you can contact us online for a free quote. We look forward to assisting you!

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