20 Things to Throw Away Before You Move

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When preparing to move, one of the most significant issues people face is getting rid of things they don’t need anymore. Blue Springs moving companies will move anything you ask them to, but why move things you don’t need? If you are having trouble letting go of some of your stuff, here is a list of 20 things you can throw away before moving.

Get Rid of These:

  1. Clothes that don’t fit.
  2. Clothes and shoes you don’t like. (Even if they were expensive)
  3. Outdated cell phones. (You’ll never use that iPhone 3 again!)
  4. Expired food.
  5. Expired medication.
  6. Outdated electronics. (Do you think you’ll ever use that VCR again?)
  7. Old media like CDs and VHS tapes.
  8. Non-essential paperwork. (Scan it and save it on your computer.)
  9. Old Bills and Receipts.
  10. Dishes you stopped using a decade ago.
  11. Those old coffee cups that never get used.
  12. Tupperware without a matching lid.
  13. Books you don’t read.
  14. Old magazines.
  15. Greeting cards.
  16. Broken furniture or electronics that you won’t ever fix.
  17. Baby toys and baby clothes you can’t use anymore.
  18. Curtains that won’t fit in your new place.
  19. Half-used notebooks.
  20. Furniture that you can’t use or don’t want to use at your new place.

What should I do with all these things?

  1. Donate to a local non-profit or church.
  2. Sell anything worth selling. (Not everything is worth it.)
  3. Throw it away if it isn’t any good. (Don’t donate garbage!)
  4. Give it away to a friend or loved one.
  5. Have a garage sale.
  6. Rent a dumpster.

Leave the Clutter Behind!

You can sell your things online, organize a garage sale with friends, or help a non-profit in need. However you do it, decluttering before a move is worth it! If you get rid of enough stuff, your local movers in Blue Springs will even charge you less (because they are moving less).

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