10 Items to Make Your Next Move Easier in Blue Springs

Blue Springs Moving Companies

10 Items to Make Your Next Move Easier in Blue Springs — Many Blue Springs moving companies can tell you how much work goes into relocating a family from one home to another––and it may be more than you think. Don’t waste your time and energy while moving. Make sure you or your moving company has these items:

Item #1 – Furniture Dolly

A furniture dolly is the best way to save your back from injury while moving anything heavy. Load your furniture dolly with boxes, appliances, furniture, or almost anything else you can imagine. You will never find a commercial moving company in Blue Springs working without one.

Item #2 – Moving Blankets

Truck rental companies and Blue Springs moving companies always have a large inventory of moving blankets. In fact, it wouldn’t be strange to use twenty or thirty moving blankets in a single move.

Item #3 – Bubble Wrap

There is a reason you find bubble wrap in almost every box you receive in the mail––it works! Keep your most delicate dishes and electronics safe.

Item #4 – Tape (More than you think!)

You can use tape to seal cardboard boxes, secure moving blankets to furniture, create box labels, and a million other things. Estimate how much you will need, then buy twice that much. Once you start packing, running out for more tape is a waste of time.

Blue Springs Moving Companies

Item #5 – Box Knife and Scissors

Many people get so focused on packing that they forget they will need to unpack once they arrive at their new home. You don’t want to arrive at your new house in Blue Springs only to discover that your boxes are sealed, and you can’t find your scissors or a box knife!

Item #6 – Step Ladder

Step ladders are indispensable during a move. When the time comes to clean the top of your kitchen cabinets, take down your curtains, or get the last few items out of the top of your closet, you will be glad to have it.

Item #7 – Plastic Bags

Plastic bags are great for picking up trash, packing large items, or keeping dust off your electronics. It’s hard to predict how you will use them, but they are always needed.

Item #8 – Tape Measure

Have you already measured all your furniture and the doorways at your new home? Well, don’t forget your tape measure. Tape measures are also great when you start hanging curtains and pictures.

Item #9 – Wardrobe Boxes

The very best way to move all the clothes hanging in your closet is with a wardrobe box. Wardrobe boxes have a rod inside that lets you hang your clothes inside. That means you won’t need to fold your hanging clothes or even take them off the hanger.

Item #10 – Permanent Markers

Permanent markers are the unsung heroes of any move. You can’t label boxes without them, and they don’t cost much. Buy a few, and you will be ready to go!


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Blue Springs Moving Companies

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